The Knife Angel, which was created by artist Alfie Bradley, has arrived  in Birmingham on the latest leg of its UK tour.

The statue is made from more than one-hundred thousand knives, switchblades and meat cleavers, which have been collected at knife amnesties across the country.

The thought-provoking statue is currently travelling the country, and has previously been to Liverpool, Hull and Coventry.

The statue is situated in Victoria Square in the centre of Birmingham, which gives thousands the opportunity to see it every day.

Birmingham City Council is following in the footsteps of the previous host cities by organising workshops, school visits, and youth group activities to spread awareness of the danger of carrying knives.

“The tragic truth is that if we don’t address this national crisis, people will continue to die and I hope that as we host the Knife Angel over the next four weeks, we can step up our collective efforts here in Birmingham.”
councillor IAN wARD, leader, bIRMINGHAM city council

The sculpture was created at the British Iron Work Centre in Shropshire, as a way to draw attention to how bad knife crime and violence rates have become in the United Kingdom

The Knife Angel Campaign is helping victims and families of knife crime in their bid for knife laws to be changed.  They also want young people to be better educated about the dangers of carrying a knife.

The Ministry of Justice has dealt with more than 21,000 offences in England in 2018

Knives are the most common method of homicide in England and Wales, accounting for 40% of cases

West Midlands police say there have been more than 250 incidents Birmingham so far this year, where they believe a knife was used to threaten a victim.

Towns and cities across the United Kingdom are being invited to host the iconic sculpture. The 27 feet tall statue will stand in Victoria Square in Birmingham city centre until June 5th.