More than 15,000 people ride for Deliveroo, the firm which delivers food from restaurants and takeaways across the UK, but many are unhappy with the firm’s pay and conditions, and have joined together to create a Nottingham Riders Network.

Deliveroo started up in 2013 and operates internationally, as well as in 150 cities within the UK. It has graced Nottingham’s streets since 2015, expanding the areas that are covered in the city and the county, as the company grows.

This group is fully supported by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain. They support low paid workers who have been under represented by campaigning for better pay and conditions.

The Nottingham Riders Network Facebook page says the group isn’t just campaigning for better terms and conditions for its riders, but is also working with community projects to improve their quality of life too.

“We work with community projects and the IWGB in order to drive positive change”
Nottingham Riders Network, Facebook

The group’s main goals are to get fixed rates for waiting time, to be paid per mile and to stop victimisation of riders.

Greg Howard, Chair of the Nottingham Riders Network

The chairman of the Network, Greg Howard, talks about what they have done so far to raise awareness.

According to Greg Howard Deliveroo has briefly got in touch, only to acknowledge emails, nothing more than that.

Deliveroo’s website advertises that self employed riders can make up to £120 a day and keep their tips.  But the employment website, Glassdoor reveals the average hourly wage for a rider is £10.  Sixty per cent of the company’s riders are under 25, with many being students, who are attracted by flexible working hours. 

In a recent article, the Nottingham Post quoted a spokesperson from Deliveroo who says that the average drop fee for a rider can be £4.50.  Karishma Tailor, aged 20, brand promoter for Deliveroo explains why she would not want to be a rider.

Nottingham Riders Network are asking Deliveroo for:

A fixed distance rate of £1 per mile

Local recruitment freeze

Paid restaurant waiting time at £10ph

A fairer statistics and performance platform

No victimisation of any rider taking action

More transparency and better communication between the riders and company

Their slogan is “Talking can’t wait”.