For the third time this year thousands of young people have taken to the streets to demand more be done about climate change.

The purpose of this month’s ‘Youth Strike 4 Climate’ protest is to persuade the government to mirror the Green New Deal, set out by American Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Demonstrations have taken place all over the world, including in 100 cities across the UK.

In London, young people marched from Parliament Square to Oxford Street, regularly stopping along the route to shout at drivers to turn off their engines.

Image: Students protest in Whitehall, London to demand a Green New Deal from the government

“I think there’s very little in the world that is more important than this”
Cate Davies, Protest organiser

Organiser Cate Davies, 17, from Liverpool said:

“As young people, we have been dismissed for a very long time. We want direct action. We are going to keep striking… we are going to keep doing what we do until a difference is made.”

Video: Protest organiser Cate Davies, 17, tells The Buzzcast why she’s striking 

The Youth Strike on Climate Change movement comes from 16 year old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg who threatened to miss school every Friday to demand her government to do more to tackle climate change.

This week Greta gave a speech to MPs at the Houses of Parliament, telling them that the future of young people has been ‘stolen’.

What is the Green New Deal?

  • The Green New Deal suggests that significant investment in eco-friendly infrastructure is needed to protect the environment.
  • It also says that under represented communities must be taken into account when taking action on climate change.
  • It is not a piece of legislation – it is a framework for future US policy to be modelled on.

Source: The Evening Standard

A spokesperson for the government said:

“We know there is strong public feeling about climate change, and everyone wants young people to be engaged in the issues that affect them most. But missing school only disrupts lessons and add to teachers’ workloads.”