Period poverty is the lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints, causing over 147,000 girls to miss school in the U.K

One of the biggest problems is the stigma around the topic, this leaves young girls scared to talk about it even though 51% of the population will experience a period in their life.

Girls who do not have access to sanitary products can find it difficult to open up about their struggles, with this still being a taboo subject.

“It can be a very challenging time for young girls, going through periods. if you don’t have the finance, it can be traumatising”
Kerrie Carrington, Social Worker

A lot of schools and doctors make sure to educate young people about sex and give out free condoms. However at the end of the day that is a choice. So, why is it not the same for sanitary products which is not a choice for girls.

Always have teamed up with Tampax to create ambassador schools to supply free sanitary products to schools, they also provide learning tools to help teachers educate students about periods.

Jonathon Hunt, Assistant Principal liaises with Always to provide sanitary products across the school and has heard many more stories since getting involved.

Jonathon Hunt, Assistant Principal


1 in 10 Can’t afford sanitary products

Over 147,00 children have missed school

40% of girls have had to use toilet roll because they cannot afford the products

68% of girls feel like they can’t pay as much attention in class

Always have currently donated over 19 million pads to school girls across the U.K.

It is often an area that is under reported but this issue is effecting education, quality of life, and the welfare of young girls.

In their lifetime a women can spend nearly £18,000 on sanitary products and pain relief, with 5% tax as well, it is not surprising that period poverty has become an increasing issue.

The Red Box Project is just one of many charities doing there part to collect donations and work with schools to provide free sanitary products.

RED BOX PROJECT: Donation boxes ready to go of to schools and colleges