Misogyny became classed as a hate crime in Nottinghamshire in 2016 after Nottinghamshire police and the Nottingham Women’s centre joined together to allow misogyny to be reported and investigated by the police.

Misogyny hate crimes can be identified as incidents against women, that involve a man saying prejudice comments against a woman, or simply discriminating or making someone feel uncomfortable due to being a female. It can be a minor incident such as wolf-whistling or a serious crime such as sexual assault.

Reported incidents in Nottinghamshire

Click here to view our map, which displays the amount of reported incidents of misogyny in areas in Nottinghamshire. This data was collected from April 2016 – December 2018 and portrays how incidents are significantly higher in and around the city centre.

After an FOI Request to Nottinghamshire Police about the Gender of Misogyny Hate Crime Victims it revealed that of the total 265 Victims – 243 were Woman and just 6 were Male.

This reveals how Woman seem to be targeted more so by incidents of Misogyny and the importance of going to the police to report the incident no matter how big or small it may seem.

An FOI request to Nottinghamshire police showed that altogether there has been 264 reports of misogyny between Apr-16 and Dec-18.

Furthermore, the data shows that 122 of these reports were classed as a hate crime whilst 142 were classed as non-hate crimes.

For a misogyny report to be classed as a hate crime, it needs to reach the crime threshold, meaning it is a big enough crime to make an arrest or charge for example, sexual assault or rape.

If the report is classed as a non-hate crime it means that it does not have the correct crime threshold to take legal action. For example, somebody isn’t going to be arrested for cat-calling or wolf whistling.

Instead, if someone has cat-called or wolf whistled, and you have details of this person, the police can go to their home and talk to them about the incident and try to change their agenda and the way they think about doing such things

Above is a pie chart showing the age groups that reported misogyny to Nottinghamshire police between Apr-16 to Dec-18.

The highest reports came from those in the age group 16-25 with 69 reports, with people 66 plus with the lowest amount at 3 reports.

Age not recorded means it was reported by an anonymous person, a third party or that the age was not recorded.

Crown means crimes recorded by a witness, not a victim. Therefore, they are recorded as the Queen.