Figures show that the city council have made roughly £35 million on parking tickets alone in the past 10 years.

2018 has been a record year for parking offences in Nottingham with a staggering 132,603 charges been given out this year compared to 2008 where 74,638 tickets were issued to motorists.

Being in a bus lane is the most common offence with 72,435 people being caught this year and 231,760 together over the past three years.

The amount that Nottingham city council have profited from parking charges has risen from 70%  from 2008.

The worst street in Nottingham is Carrington street (Bus gate) which has made around £3 million in the past three years making it one of the most ticketed streets in Nottingham.

Carrington street is a major bus route that runs directly to Nottingham train station, the Nottingham Forest Football ground and Clifton making this one of the busiest roads for commuters.

Carrington Street Sign

“MOTORISTS are easy target for councils to raise revenue”

Hugh Bladon, FOUNDING member of Alliance of British Drivers

Hugh Bladon, founding member of the Alliance of British drivers says,  “if councils want to make the centre of towns less effective and less worth while they are going the right way about it”

He added, ” the quickest way to stop town centres from doing well is to limit the spaces to park, the councils must make more parking spaces available if they want the city to thrive”

One Nottingham motorist who has continually driven on Carrington Street believes that, “The lack of signage on Carrington Street is certainly one of the main reasons that so many people get a ticket”

Nottingham City Council state that a £70 fine can be halved if paid within 14 days from the date of service penalty charge notice and a £50 can also be halved if also paid within 14 days from the date of penalty charge notice.

The City Council said that the revenue that is made helps maintain parking services, the redevelopment of Nottingham Rail Station and supports the Link bus network.