According to the campaigning group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), more than one hundred million animals die needlessly each year from product testing world wide.

Back in 2008, 11.5 million experiments were carried out on animals in the UK, after years of campaigning from the organisation, Cruelty Free international, 3.79 million experiments were completed in 2017 in the UK.

Worldwide there are nine countries who have to test on animals by law: USA, Japan, China, Australia, France, Canada, UK, Germany and Brazil.

In the UK, 50% of all these experiments are carried out by top universities, and is usually partially funded by tax payers. Main tests include: skin irritation, eye irritation, acute lethal toxicity tests and fever tests on live rabbits.

  • skin irritation (112 tests in 2017)
  • eye irritation (63 tests in 2017)
  • acute lethal toxicity tests (10,720 tests in 2017)
  • pyrogenicity (fever) tests on live rabbits (1,125 tests in 2017)

In the beauty industry the cardinal test is new mascara liquids, experimented by dropping eye drops of the solution into a live rabbit’s eye and documenting the results. a common side effect to these tests is blindness.

When tests go wrong the animals are the rendered useless and are deposed of, after a short life in a cage.

Lush is a leading cruelty free cosmetics company in the UK who actively campaign against animal testing, working with charity’s such as Charity Poll. All their products are one hundred percent vegetarian and cruelty and environmentally friendly.

The Body Shop is another leading company in the industry who try to stop testing on animals, head office gave CBJ spotlight the statement:

“We recently took 8 billion signatures on a petition to the UN to start the movement ‘to ban animal testing world wide’ it is something the company is really passionate about”.

On the 27th March 2019, concerns about life after Brexit, prompted the government to debate once again the status of animal testing in the UK. MPs discussed the future of chemicals laws when the UK withdraws from the European Union, members of the House of Lords sent a very clear message to government to rule out duplicate animal tests.

Online, there is a massive movement to help raise awareness of animal testing, and how to campaign against it. The organisation, Cruelty Free International has set up pages on Facebook and twitter to spread the message.

Instagram also has pages for the cause which is supported and promoted by the Body Shop. You can follow these pages by using the #forever against animal testing and stop the over reach.


By 2025, Cruelty Free International, aims to have the government ban animal testing in the UK, and make it unlawful to harm any animal in any way. They want the breaking of this law to automatically result in a jail sentence.