Photo © David Lally (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Primark has introduced two gender neutral changing rooms, one in Bluewater, Kent and one in their Hastings store.

This has sparked a debate on twitter giving out mixed reviews from a number of people.

Our twitter poll has revealed results reading 65% of people saying no to gender neutral changing rooms being introduced.

Leaving 35% of people saying yes to the introduction of gender neutral changing rooms.

On Twitter @jansengray_jo says:

I don’t even like using women only changing rooms but it is a predators paradise! #privacy4womenandchildren”.

A few people also share an opposite view like this twitter account @kl_swiz.

We spoke to a member of the Nottingham Trans hub about what she would feel comfortable with, regarding gender neutral changing rooms.

Primark can be found in eleven countries throughout Europe and North America.

There is 174 stores within the UK.

Their largest store is three stories and 155,000 sq. ft operating in Manchester, England.