The Nimbus Card, created four years ago by charity Nimbus Disability, enables disabled people to buy tickets in one simple transaction without having to send in additional forms of evidence.

The ability to easily communicate their needs and requirements to venues across the country is a huge step forward for people like Nottinghamshire gig-goer Charlotte Throssle.

Charlotte, 39, from Hucknall, has suffered from Phocomelia her entire life. This condition involves malformation of the arms and legs.

‘As a disabled person the last thing you want to be doing is standing in front a group of people explaining what your needs are or how your disability affects you’

Charlotte said: ‘It’s a massive step forward. The fact that huge venues are now taking this into consideration and promoting it, it’s been used as a benchmark for how accessibility should work in providers.’

The process involves translating the symbols on the Individuals Access Cards into a disability so venues and organisations know what assistance each person will require.


This means people don’t need to ring up venues prior to arrival or carry round forms of proof of disability.

The system has taken off across Nottingham with big businesses like the Motor Point Area and Nottingham Forest Football Club backing the approach.

Nimbus Card

Organisations nationwide like Ticketmaster, The Ticket Factory, The O2 Arena, Wireless Festival and Radio 1’s Big Weekend have also adopted the scheme.

Martin Austin, one of the organisers behind Nimbus Disability, wants to cut out the middle conversation and create one simple process.

‘One of the biggest things we have done is work with the NEC Group and integrated the access card directly into their online ticketing system so individuals have the exact same customer journey as anyone else’

If you are looking to get a card they are available online and cost just £15 for 3 years.

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Nimbus is one the UK’s leading providers of disability advice and support to private sector businesses.