The bond helps both bookworm and bunny in a stress-free environment. Photo: RSPCA Radcliffe

An innovative way to teach animal welfare has been launched at an RSPCA branch in Nottingham, while simultaneously improving children’s literacy skills.

RSPCA Radcliffe, on Nottingham Rd, is inviting primary schools across Nottinghamshire to read to rabbits.

The activities at Radcliffe-on-Trent Animal Centre are being developed as part of a wider community project to support animal welfare and core skill education across Nottinghamshire.

“I have never seen children read with so much intent”  – lINDSEY EJEZIE, Teaching assistant


The Book Bunny Project is part of their new Rehoming and Education Centre.

School assistant Lindsey Ejezie visited with a group of children from Radcliffe Junior School and said: “It was terrific and I was very proud of the children too.

“I have never seen them read with so much intent and they all got so much out of being with the animals.”

WATCH: A chat with the manager on the project. 

RSPCA Radcliffe manager Ella Carpenter “They’re not being judged in a classroom so it removes pressure and relaxes the child, allowing the rabbit to investigate.”

She added, “In turn we are able to show them why it is much better to keep rabbits in a spacious environment rather than a tiny hutch”.

More on the Book Bunny Project can be found on the RSPCA Radcliffe website.