A room with cats roaming around while participants take part in meditation is being used to help reduce stress.

Kitty Cafe provides a home for rescued cats where customers are able to interact with them. Kitty Calm is a mediation group run by Rachel Jackson.

“when you’ve got a cat you can’t be angry or if you are angry the cat will react”
Rachel jackson

According to Mental Health statistics, ‘In the past year, 74% of people [in the UK] have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.’

The government is currently collecting data which could show a growing reason for households to own pets which make help mental health and loneliness.

Rachel has noticed her clients come back because they find a benefit from meditating in an environment with cats.

She says ‘When you’ve got a cat you can’t be angry or if you are angry the cat will react.

‘Cats really do force you to be in the moment.’

And it’s not just with meditation that cats can help. Studies by Nottingham Trent University have found there to be a link with personality between cats and their owners. Cats can therefore feel the same emotions and may react the same.

James Harden owns a cat of his own and says he has developed a connection with his cats and has noticed his cats absorb his energy. ‘The presence of cats makes me relaxed’.

Reasons to meditate with cats:

  • Strengthen safety and trust
  • Reduce stress
  • Harmonise and attune energy
  • Build a bridge of communication
  • Thrive with daily routine

It’s a big leap for humans to interact more with animals including cats. Kitty Calm hope to continue tackling mental help and increase the members well-being.