The age of people in Nottingham undergoing cosmetic procedures has fallen drastically and the ‘obsession’ with social media is being blamed.

Global market-research agency Mintel has found that 28% of 18 to 24 year olds and 31% of 25-34 year olds had some form of cosmetic treatment (with an average of just 21% for the entire UK population).

Amardeep Sekhon, who owns Nottingham’s Deep Aesthetics, claims the ‘pressure’ on young people to look good has lead to vanity addictions which he likens to that of drugs or gambling abuse.

The dopamine hit you get from getting likes on social media is an addiction
Amardeep Sekhon, owner of DEEP AESTHETICS

He says that seeing people on reality shows such as Love Island as role models has led us to desire what is, in his opinion, superficial beauty.

He says the increased demand is also partly to do with apps such as ‘FaceTune’, whereby people can edit their facial angles, skin colour and general appearance.

However, Mr Sekhon does believe that if there is  ‘a balance’ and someones interest in work is not entirely based on insecurity then ‘there’s nothing wrong with tweaking your natural beauty’.

Jacky Sweeney, a doctor in Arnold, says that often ‘people do not consider the risks’ when getting work done. While many untrained ‘cowboys’ offer work at cheap rates, the consequences of counterfeit work can be heavy. People have been left disfigured or even dead.

In the past cosmetic and plastic surgery was considered a taboo subject, with many people hiding the fact they had undergone work. However, lip fillers alone now has over 750,000 hashtags on Instagram.

Many celebrities and ‘influencers’ such as Kylie Jenner and even Nottingham’s own Sophia and Cinzia have advertised the cosmetic procedures they have had. Cinzia, who features in Nottingham’s Regent Street Clinic’s video below, has over 150,000 followers, primarily women under 30.

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Posted by Regent Street Clinic on Saturday, May 12, 2018

Despite the negative comments about cosmetic procedures, many people claim that cosmetic procedures such a lip or jaw fillers have lead to them feeling more confident and happy in their everyday life.

Holly Barton, aged 22, has had work on her lips, eyebrows and teeth. She believes that the work she has had has been ‘worth every penny, and that ‘looking good has left her feeling good’.

However, she stresses the importance of going to a well trained, often more expensive practitioner after having bad work on her lips.



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