A Nottingham headteacher has been recognised for his years of service in education, by having his name printed on a city tram.

The award acknowledges those who have contributed above and beyond in their community.

David Stewart OBE is the headteacher at Oak Field School in Bilborough, working with children who have severe learning difficulties.

The 65-year-old said he was ‘touched’ by the ‘amazing surprise’ and that it is a ‘wonderful acknowledgement’ not just for him but for all those who work with young people in Nottingham.

David Stewart OBE on board the ‘Community hero’ tram

He joins local heroes, Torvill and Dean, Robin Hood and Brian Clough, who all have trams named after them. David’s tram will run around for the next year before he passes on the honour to another local.

“I was so touched. It has come as an amazing surprise.”

David Stewart OBE

NET Marketing manager, Stephanie Moss-Pearce said ‘He’s done a lot for the local community so felt it was a good fit.

‘To be able to bring the children out today and see their faces, it’s been brilliant.’

Pupils from Oak Field School joined in with the celebrations

The 65-year-old previously worked at a hospital in Kent, volunteering at the Junior Training Centre.

He continued to work with young people, in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and then trained in Leeds to teach children with severe learning difficulties.

In 2009 he became Head of the new Oak Field School, which has achieved six Outstanding OFSTED inspections since Mr Stewart became head.

‘The tram is our most inclusive form of transport. We have many children who use wheelchairs and the tram is the one mode of transport where we can get lots of young people on and all at the same time.’ said the headteacher.

‘I’m now a certain age, so I will be travelling on the tram for free.

Headteacher Mr Stewart reveals his name on the tram

‘When I first worked with children with severe learning difficulties, they weren’t even under the education system.

‘In the last 50 years, we’ve seen such a wonderful development of education and we’ve shown if you give people opportunities, they can grow, they can achieve and they can enjoy life.’

David Stewart will be retiring from his role in the summer, but hopes to continue contributing to the community.