Nottinghamshire Police have released a wide-list of social media terms used by fraudsters that scam teenagers out of money.

Police say the extensive list of terms will hopefully raise awareness among parents of the growing number of teenagers being targeted by fraudsters.

“Keeping up to date”

ActionFraud who work in connection with Cifas has reported a 52% increase in young people falling to identify fraud. Terms such as “barcs drop” “150 for 300” are being used to manipulate youngsters into thinking they are getting quick money.

Children’s charity NSPCC is stressing the importance of parents “keeping up to date” with online content and what their children are looking at. A spokesperson for NSPCC said “One of the best ways for parents to keep their children safe online and spot risks is to open up conversations about their online lives.”

The banks themselves are also raising awareness for Safer Internet Day, Natwest has launched a campaign called “TakeFive”.Whereby they are also teaching young people about how to spot the signs of a fraudster.

“They took advantage of my situation”

21-year-old Genesis Sonaike from Nottingham was a victim of a scam, he was messaged by a friend of a friend. Promising him quick money, when he was in a time of need. Trusting him, because he was a close friend to his, and showing him how much money he can get him. He gave him all of his personal details, address, bank details and bank card.

The fraudster was actually using a popular method of moving a considerable amount of money from another victim account to the next to help avoid suspicion. Genesis became aware of the situation when he saw his own money getting withdrawn and transferred to different accounts.

He quickly notified the bank, but it was too late as they had already taken everything from his bank account. “I wish I was more aware of how fraud works, they took advantage of my situation. Young people need to be more aware and understand the terms these fraudsters are using to trick people”

Watch the full interview with Genesis below.