Red Lion Thurgaton

The Red Lion in Thurgaton is open for business after being closed for two years. The local community crowd-funded and invested a quarter of a million pounds and asked Julian Benson to open the doors again.

The Red Lion has been a strong-hold in the village for many years, but the bell for last orders rang for the last time on Boxing Day 2016. Villagers missed their local watering hole so much, they decided to do something about it.

‘we want to make sure the pub is the focal point of the village’
Julian Benson, owner of the Red Lion

They approached Julian Benson, who has been running pubs for over 30 years, to help them re-open their ‘local’ and to help breathe life back into the historic pub.

Video: Meet the co-owner Julian Benson.

The re-opening has brought about changes, with the restaurant being re-named ‘Clarke Restaurant’. This is in honour of former landlady Sarah Clarke who was murdered by her niece in the building in 1936.

Image: Clippings from newspapers of the time can be found on the walls of the restaurant.

Its the perfect place to catch up with friends
A local investor

Villagers are extremely pleased their local is back up and running, ‘I invested money because we’ve missed the pub so much since it’s been closed.

It’s the perfect place to catch up with friends and neighbours, and I’m so glad we’ve managed to re-open it!’

Crowdfunding – what is it?

With around 18 pubs a week closing in the UK many communities are turning to crowdfunding.

The Red Lion is the first crowdfunded pub in Nottinghamshire.

Locals come together and invest their own money in order for them to own part of the pub.

Once profits have been made, investors will receive the money back.