British children could live shorter lives than their parents if obesity issues aren’t addressed soon – that’s the stark warning from Public Health England.

Less than a fifth of children living in the UK are not eating enough fruit and vegetables, according to a new NHS report.

And the country’s poor diet is having a major impact on the NHS with more than 600,000 obesity related hospital admissions every year.

“The parents should be informed”

Kalen Nelson, personal trainer

A quarter of children aged 4-5 are now classified as overweight – putting them at greater risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Kalen Nelson, a personal trainer from Nottingham, believes to tackle this, “the parents should be informed”.

Kalen believes covering the long-term impacts from unhealthy habits can push for a better future for children.

He believes if parents knew the full extent of what their children consumed, then more guidance could be given at home to encourage healthier options.

£80 a month is spent on fast food instead of home cooking.

The government have committed to finding even more ways to promote healthier lifestyles by tackling the influence of the environment, takeaway stores and sporting opportunities.

Nutrition coach, Susan Hart, is not surprised by the latest news but believes more should be done to prevent it.

Hart gives her advice on how cooking at home can lead to a healthier future and tackle this issue:

Susan Hart, hosts her own cooking classes in Nottingham to teach people about eating better at home.

With takeaways offering fast and more importantly cheap food, many people turn away from the idea of cooking at home and miss out on important nutrition and essential food sources in their diet.

“healthy eating is cheaper than people think”

Susan Hart, Nutritionist coach

Susan believes healthy eating is cheaper than people think and feels if more people were aware of the dangers of junk food, then they would take their diet more seriously.

Sweet potato falafels during the vegan cooking class

The classes teach cooking with all natural food elements and focus on meals with zero waste.

  • Obesity accounted for 617 thousand admissions to hospital within one year
  • 20% of children in year 6 are classified as obese
  • 84% of children do not consume their recommended 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables
  • 74% of adults do not consume their recommended 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables

For more information or help with obesity, go to the NHS website.