Poster used to advertise the event (cc: Alleventsin)

Despite police shutting down previous events due to reports of violence – the controversial party for under 18’s is set to return to Nottingham.

The event advertises itself through social media platforms such as, Facebook; Snapchat & Instagram to reach their target audience. The location is often revealed online to people who follow the event.

Drill artists from Brixton, London, Skengdo x AM, have expressed their concerns on the media’s reporting of the drill music scene.

In a documentary with journalist, Mr Montgomery, the two artists explained how they use music to tell their stories and try to escape their environment. Although, they understand the power and influence their music has on young people.

A DJ from Bulwell, Nottingham called DJ Keeno has experienced the police shutting down numerous music events. As well as, live performances being prevented, music video shoots with artists have also seen the police get involved.


Nottingham Trent University’s Student Union often hosts different events throughout the year. UK artists such as J Hus, Loski, Chip and more have performed over recent years.

‘DJ Firestarr’, a local DJ to the East Midlands, feels there is a disconnect between the management and students. Many students have an interest in the Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B music scene, which the DJ feels isn’t understood by SU management.


As knife crime has risen in the UK, the police have expressed concerns with events being held in ‘secret locations’, as if there any incidents the force may not be able to respond.

‘Teenfest’, who were not available for comment, are rumoured to return to Nottingham in 2019 after success in cities such as, London, Bristol & Luton. It seems as long as they associate with artists connected to drill – they will be under the microscope.