The work, which features Florence Paton, is being installed in the Garden of the Blind, in Carlton, Nottingham, as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day.

Designed by Hilary Cartmel, it includes details of miner’s picks, a lamp and books as well as the official logo of the Houses of Parliament.

This is to represent Florence’s connection to the borough, her work with education and her campaign for mining rights.

” 2.7% of sculptures and statues in Britain are of woman, which is a real, real disgrace. What does a woman have to do to become a sculpture? “

Event organiser, Roxanne Ellis

The mayor of Gedling, Barbara Miller, revealed the statue alongside Roxanne and both spoke about the impact of the ceremony on woman as well as the former MP’s legacy.



Paton, was a Labour Party politician and a Member of Parliament from 1945 to 1950. She represented the Rushcliffe constituency during this period, which includes Gedling, Colwick and Carlton.

Formerly a school teacher, her political beliefs were based around her desire for better programs for children with special needs as well as for improved health services for both women and children.

Current MP for Gedling, Labour’s Vernon Coaker, was present during the ceremony and was quick to mention the uphill battle woman still face; “It’s quite astonishing when you look at the figures and stats just how much progress still has to be made.”