Nottingham City Council are running a safety campaign to prevent people putting themselves at risk by getting into unlicensed taxis.

The city council is placing adverts all over the city centre and on Twitter.

Licensed taxi drivers have to be DBS and DVLA checked, alongside having your criminal record thoroughly looked at.

Azeem Hanif gives his view

Trade Union Chairman, Azeem Hanif, believes that “It’s down to the licensing authority to keep people safe from unlicensed taxis.”

“We are a licensing authority, not an employer”
John Davies, taxi Licensing manager

Nottingham City Councils Taxi Licensing Manager, John Davies recognises that it isn’t just their responsibility “We don’t employ the drivers, they are self employed, it’s no different to the pubs, clubs, shops and restaurants we licence as well.

Getting into an unlicensed taxi is illegal for the driver and it means you aren’t insured so if anything should happen there is no traceability.

However, John recognises that more needs to be done “we have taxi enforcement officers out there and they do sometimes detect people.”

Educating the public is a crucial step towards stopping unlicensed drivers picking up vulnerable people.

Azeem understands the difficulty of this “It’s very tempting to see all these taxis lined up and go and knock on the window and say can you take me home, and that puts you in grave danger.”

Although it is clear that more still needs to be done, think twice before you step into a cab, there could be something much bigger to consider other than just keeping warm.