Graphic Novel shop, page 45, Market Street, Nottingham

Graphic novel shop, Page 45, has been in Nottingham for almost 25 years. Owner Stephen Holland says that the problems caused by rough sleepers for City Centre businesses have never been greater.

Stephen says the authority needs to ‘step up its game’ and that the council is ‘mainly to blame here.’

Jonathan Rigby, Co-owner of Page 45 explains that its not unusual to find urine in the shop doorway, and occasionally even vomit and faeces.

Jonathan Rigby, co-owner of page 45

Stroll through the shopping streets of Central Nottingham any morning at around 8am, before retailers have arrived to open-up and clean-up, and you will find lots of shop doorways flooded with urine from homeless people.



Every morning, Shop 45 have to stuff cardboard into the gap under their door to prevent the urine soaking through to the doormat and being trampled into the carpet.

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rough sleeper in Nottingham

As their recess isn’t large enough to sleep in, it gets used as a toilet by homeless people who make their beds in other shop doorways nearby. Owners there explained that they don’t want to add to the dehumanisation of homeless people as they understand they clearly don’t have adequate access to toilets.

But instead they would like to see Nottingham City Council step up its game and do more to house the homeless.