The memorial is expected to be opened by Royals in June.

The hard-work on a new First World War memorial will not feature illumination due to funding issues.

Lincoln-based firm Lindum Group are right on-track to open the new Embankment Gardens War Memorial in June.

The first-of-its-kind memorial will list all 14000 Nottinghamshire men and women that died in the First World War.

But a complex lighting set-up has been cut from the project due to budget cuts.

Lindum Framework Manager Matthew Jones said: “I believe everyone would benefit from a lighting design, it would be very useful in the Winter months.

Mr Jones added: “Lindum group are privileged to work on the project, and will be honoured to attend the opening ceremony.”

The Nottingham Open Spaces Forum have currently raised over £30000, but this was not enough to afford lighting.

The public can donate to the project here.