A collection of flowers from Flower Vision

Small businesses will struggle after Brexit, according Nottinghamshire bosses who voted leave.

With twenty-three days to Brexit, MPs still look set to reject Theresa May’s deal when the vote takes place next week.

Now a group of 39 small business owners in Nottinghamshire who voted to leave are staging a U-turn and calling for a new referendum.

John Kayzei, who owns Flowervision, imports all his stock from Holland but he is concerned that a ‘no deal’ Brexit will disrupt deliveries.

“Late deliveries…if lorries are stuck at customs then we can’t do anything.”
John Kayzei, One of the Owners of Flowervision

A collection of flowers from Flower Vision

The People’s Vote campaign group is calling for a second referendum based on Theresa May’s deal.

Phil Drabble, the Nottingham spokesman for People’s Vote, said: “We believe that the people now that they know more about the implications of coming out of the European Union, now need to be given a chance to say whether they really want to do that.

“What we are trying to achieve is a people’s vote which is effectively a second referendum on whether we should accept the terms of the deal that Theresa May comes up with.”

Some flowers from Flower Vision

The Prime Minister visited Grimsby on Friday to deliver a key speech urging MPs and European negotiators to make concessions.