March the 1st is St. David’s day. It marks the death of the Welsh figure who died more than 1,4000 years ago. There are various myths of who the saint really was, so here are some facts:

1. St. David wasn’t a day of celebration in Wales till much later

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It wasn’t till the 18th century that St. David’s got declared a national day of celebration even though he died in 589 AD.

2.  He was a vegetarian

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It is believed that St. David only ate leeks and drank water. He and his monks ploughed  the fields by hand.

3.  His soldiers wore leeks on their helmets

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St. David ordered his soldiers to wear leeks on top of their helmets before fighting the Saxons.

4. St. David has his own flag

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His flag has a yellow cross on a black background.

5. He performed miracles  

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St. David is said to performed various miracles with his most famous being preaching to a large crowd in Llanddewi Brefi. When people at the back complained that they could not hear him, the ground on which he stood rose up to form a hill. A white dove, sent by God, settled on his shoulder.

6. He was a preacher

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Unlike St. George who was known for killing a dragon, David was known for being a great preacher. He had his own churches in Wales and even in South West England.

7. St. David was Welsh

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He was born in Caerfai, Pembrokeshire in Wales. Unlike the other patrons like St. Andrew who was Palestinian and St. George who was a roman solider from Greek extraction.

8. He was very old when he died

St. David lived till he was over 100 years old and died on March the 1st 589 AD.

9. St. David has his own city

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St. David’s in Wales is the smallest city in the UK.

10. Daffodils are associated with St. David

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The flowers always appear around St. David’s day and is a tradition to wear a daffodil on this special day.