The charity, Age Friendly Nottingham, has hosted a free seminar for the over 50s to teach them how to protect themselves against scammers and door step criminals.

The free seminar was hosted by Nottingham City Trading Standards and The Health and Wellbeing co-coordinator for Age UK , Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Both groups explained the various ways in which scammers try to gain access to both the elderly and vulnerable people’s homes.

“I followed her instructions and I lost a total of £13,000”
Alan Francis, scam victim 

Fraudsters often prey on the elderly due to their vulnerability. Trading Standers Officer, Trish Hennessy, explained the variety of ways criminals try and gain access to their homes.

Say No To Rogue Traders

“Many criminals pose as traders who will offer services such as guttering, roofing or paving – either through cold calling or coming to your front door. They may ask for payment upfront and then you will never hear from them again.”

Alan Francis, 69, from Arnold said ” I received a letter which stated I had won £25,000 from the Post Code Lottery. The letter to me seems to be legitimate.

“I was told by what seemed like a nice lady on the phone that I had to transfer a £2500 refundable fee for them to be able to transfer the money. I followed her instructions and I lost a total of £13,000. I was heartbroken”

“Our aim is to support people to help prevent these crimes from happening”
Trish Hennessy , Trading Standards Officer

Trish Hennessy said, “Our aim is to support people to help prevent these crimes from happening. So we will work with residents who live around Nottingham City to raise awareness and empower them”.

Councillor Eunice Campbell-Clark spent 6 months organising the event for the community.

According to National Trading Standards, 85% of victims of door step crime are aged 65 and over. Additionally, in the first half of 2018 more than £500 million had been reported stolen by UK Banks. These figures were reflected by many of Nottingham’s younger people also attending the seminar.

Charmaine Williams, 35 from Carlton said, “Last month I realised irregular activity on my bank statements and when I investigated I discovered that my PayPal account had been hacked”.

“They were treating themselves to new clothes and pizza deliveries all at my expense. Even though I got the money refunded , it was still an inconvenience and quite scary. That’s why I’m here today to ensure I don’t make the same mistakes”.


How to report Door Step Crime

If you believe you have been scammed either vis Cold Calling , Online or someone coming to you door there are various ways to report it.

Contact Trading Standards on 03454 040506 or the police on 999 with the following information:

  • Address or area where trader is working
  • Description of trader
  • Vehicle and registration
  • Type of work being carried out
  • Is trader still present

If you are apprehensive about dealing with a Trader, a Trading Officer can be arranged to deal with the Trader directly without you getting involved.