Nottingham rapper Kingslee (Kali)

A rapper from Hucknall is set to produce soundtrack music for YouTube football channel Copa 90.

Kingslee Clarke, 20, from Hucknall, was approached by Copa 90 to produce the soundtrack for their new football Derby Day series.

After finding out that the YouTube channel wanted him to produce the soundtrack for the new football series, the rapper, also known as Kali, wrote and assisted in the production of the lead song, also called ‘Copa 90’.

The YouTube channel is known for its short documentaries on football rivals and laid back interviews with famous football people both past and present.


I was SURPRISED that such a popular youTUBe channel had even heard of my music

Kingslee Clarke, Rapper 

Kingslee said that he was “Surprised that such a popular YouTube Channel had even heard of his music.”

He later went on to add that “Making music for such a popular internet series could give me the exposure I need to make the next step.”


kali ‘Display’ Caution, explicit language 

Kingslee, who is known his stage name ‘Kali’ by his friends, has found it hard to get his music to gain more publicity after his three previous music video were taken down due to them glorifying violence.

In the 20-year-old’s opinion, his music is influenced by the “controversial genre of drill”(gangster rap). The genre has been accused of promoting unlawful actions and is targeted by police in gang related investigations.

Caution, video contains explicit language.

The artist has also said that his shows have been either “cancelled or shut down by police on numerous occasions” as a result of his music causing disorderly large young crowds.

According to the underground artist, the police “target specifically black artists”, and is the reason why you see black rappers commonly in their songs say “F the feds (the police).”

Kali on police targeting black artists in particular.

The Hucknall rapper is due to release his first album in early July. The album is being backed with a £5,000 grant and will produced in Nottingham.

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Click below to listen to a teaser of Copa 90 by Kali (Kingslee Clarke). For music listen visit his Soundcloud page @DisplayKali.