The introduction of Universal Credit in December 2018 saw a rise in the number of people using Food banks across the UK as they had to wait longer to receive any form of payment.

Food Bank in Arnold, Nottinghamshire.

Universal Credit replaces a number of benefits including Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefits and Income Support into a single monthly payment.

Many people in Nottinghamshire only received payment just a week before Christmas Day meaning that many Food banks in Nottingham were under a lot of pressure.

Helen Lloyd, the manager of Arnold Foodbank explained how “At first the impact was slow but all of a sudden the number of people we were dealing with began to increase and the week before Christmas we actually had our busiest week ever.”

“The week before Christmas we actually had our busiest week ever” Helen Lloyd

Food Bank in Arnold, Nottinghamshire.

“In times like this as a food bank we have to think about things that we never did before and we have increased the number of areas where people are able to donate food in Arnold”.

“Universal Credit is still in it’s early days, we haven’t seen the full roll out yet so who knows what will happen especially with Brexit just around the corner”.

Arnold Food bank is part of The Trussell Trust which runs the largest network of foodbanks in the UK.