The campaign battle bus for a people’s vote on Brexit came to Nottingham’s universities today. There are only 35 days remaining until Britain leaves the EU.

The battle bus is touring universities across the UK, encouraging students to join the campaign for a second Brexit referendum.

Students were encouraged to sign the bus. It read; “77% of us don’t want Brexit. Please stand up for our future.”

The event, organised by Our Future, Our Choice; campaigns on behalf of young people to stop Brexit.

“Young people didn’t vote for brexit and they shouldn’t have to live with it. ”

Hugo lucas, Our future, our choice


The Battle Bus campaign started in Loughborough in November before hundreds marched to Westminster to demand a second referendum on Brexit.

They burned a giant copy of Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement outside the European Commission in Brussels. Most recently, they campaigned in Northern Ireland.

People have been signing the Brexit Battle Bus

Hugo Lucas, Director of Communications at Our Future Our Choice, said “Young people didn’t vote for brexit and they shouldn’t have to live with it.

“Looking at the gridlock in Parliament, [another referendum] is the only way out.”Campaigners travel around the country encouraging students to support a People’s Vote. 

This week Nottinghamshire MPs Chris Leslie and Anna Soubry sent shockwaves through the House of Commons – resigning from their parties to join the new “Independent Group” of MPs. The group’s 11 members feature eight former Labour MPs and three former Conservative MPs.

The Labour defectors spoke of their concerns over antisemitism within the party and Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy. The former Conservatives were unhappy with Theresa May’s Brexit plan, and her refusal to rule out a “no-deal” Brexit.