Message was picked up by a staff member working on Princess River Cruise. IMG: tripadvisor

A mysterious message in a bottle has been spotted floating around the River Trent. 

A cleaner on board the Princess River Cruise was just finishing their shift when they noticed a bottle afloat in the water near Colwick.  On opening the bottle over, staff recovered the message inside.

It read: “Dropped by Bethan M on the 24th February 2005 at Trent Lock from her Houseboat.”

Message found in the bottle. IMG: Princess River Cruise

Princess River Cruises took to social media in a quest to find the person that dropped the message 14 years ago.

“14 years later we can get the message back to her”
Princess River Cruises

The company has asked followers to spread the message on their Facebook page, “Please share this to see if almost 14 years later we can get her message back to her, even if the bottle didn’t manage to get that far!”

The post has been noticed by many people from the Nottingham area who think they may know the Bethan M that wrote the message.  They have been contacting Princess River Cruises for confirmation that they have the right author.