Retailers could be made to pay 1p for each article of clothing sold

MPs have put forward the idea of a 1p tax for clothing retailers on every piece of clothing sold in order to fund a £35 million recycling scheme.

‘Fast fashion’ has become a cause for concern for environmentalists. The mass production of cheap clothing that consumers discard soon after purchase has led to an increase in greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution.

The proposed 1p tax would fund an annual recycling scheme worth £35 million, however there are those who think that this is not enough to counter the damage fast fashion has on the environment.

Robin Pounder, the owner of Nottingham based vintage clothing store, Wild Clothing, said because the problem is production overseas, ‘£35 million is not going to do anything to help the situation.’

He continued, ‘I wouldn’t mind paying a penny for every t-shirt I sell, but I would like to know that the money was being used correctly.’


According to statistics put out by the Environmental Audit Committee, the UK has the highest consumption of clothing in Europe, and fast fashion has been the fashion industry’s response to this demand.

Despite not participating in the fast fashion trend himself, Mr Pounder realises the demand for the fashion industry and stresses that, ‘You can’t do everything ecologically,’ and that, ‘certain things are going to upset the planet.’