Tandoor Indian Restaurant

 A landlord has seized possession of Indian restaurant Tandoor – the same building which featured on Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.

The restaurant in Upper Parliament Street is not the only empty unit in the area.

There are five!

Perfect furniture, Upper Parliament Street, opened in 2008 on a 10 year lease.  The Family run furniture store relocated to Long Eaton In August 2018 due to high rates of rent.

The family have continued to trade and assured that no jobs were lost when they moved as all the staff relocated with the business.

The signs that stated  “total stock clearance” and “everything must go” have now been removed. Workers have been seen working in the property but it is still unknown whether the building will be back in use any time soon.

Peechy Keens was the second all you can eat buffet to close in the city. It served a range of global cuisine such as Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Thai.

The venue was promised to be revamped, however since the closure and nothing has yet materialised and now the property has been put up for sale.

The former gatehouse pub has been bored up for over year,  it was re-branded in 2005 as the Gatehouse pub before once again reverting back to the original name moniker in November 2017.

Since the Toll Bar has remained closed it is still unclear whether the establishment will reopen or go under new management.

However, even though workers have boarded up the outside, there still doesn’t seem to be any more progress to make this a thriving place for people to go once again.

There was no happy ending as Nottingham’s only fairytail cafe Storybooks closed 10 weeks after opening their premises on Upper Parliament Street.

Customers could enjoy the wild antics of various Disney characters like Captain Hook , Dorothy, the Mad Hatter, Tinkerbell  and Wicked Witch of the West while having some tea.

The cafe, previously called Wonderland and was relocated from Hopkinson’s vintage emporium in Station Street but now the business is closed and the premises is being cleared.

Story Books Cafe

CBJ  Spotlight contacted Nottingham City Council who told us: “Unfortunately it is common for businesses to open and close all the time, it is out of our control”