a plastic box containing domestic cleaning products, sprays, rubber gloves and cloths

The internet craze of cleaning has become one of the biggest social media trends and will lead to an annual growth of 4.6% over the next five years – according to new figures.

Statistics from market research company Smithers Apex show cleaning products are in hot demand. The market data says it will scrub up by six per cent every year until 2021.

Social media influencers have had a key part to play.

Mrs Hinch, who has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, posts her cleaning tasks everyday on the platform in an attempt to make the usual dull chore a fun task to do.

Sophie Hinchcliffe on Instagram

As a result retailers have seen more cleaning products being sold than before – partly due to the online craze.

A spokesperson for B&M store at Castle retail park, Nottingham, said, they have seen certain cleaning products being sold more than others, with their top selling cleaning product being Zoflura – used by Mrs Hinch.

‘Social media has really helped me step up my cleaning routine’

Hannah reece

Hannah Reece, of Hyson Green, says she has found so many new cleaning tricks since following her Instagram account.

She said: ”Social media has really helped me step up my cleaning routine.

”Putting a cupful of Zoflura in your washing machine to clean it or Lenor mixed with water in a bottle to spray around the house are both great tips.

Minky, an online company that produces cleaning equipment is also one of Mrs Hinch’s favourite brands.

There M Cloth anti-bacterial cleaning pad is constantly sold out. With stock selling out as soon as it is restocked, according to the manufacturer’s website.

Mrs Hinch’s Top cleaning products

  • Lenor Spring Awakening – Mix the fabric conditioner and water together and spray on bedding and curtains to create a lovely smell.
  • Zoflora Fresh Home Disinfectant – Mix with water and spray on all surfaces to disinfect, this leaves a refreshing smell.
  • CIF stainless steel cleaner – Cleans stainless steel in the Kitchen and Bathroom.
  • The Pink stuff – Add to the hob after cooking to remove any unwanted grime and dirt.
  • Minky – Antibacterial cleaning pad – Use this to clean with any antibacterial sprays.