The Barrister's Book Chamber in Retford.

The Barrister’s Book Chambers is expanding as owners plan to open a store that stocks only stories about murder and crime.

The family run bookshop opened more than a year ago in Retford and quickly became a popular spot for local literature buffs.

The Victorian era-inspired book emporium, which sells antique and pre-loved reads, has enjoyed continued success as it moved to a bigger location within a few months of its initial opening.

The Barrister’s Book Chamber

Manager, Laura Roberts, describes how everyday is different in the shop saying, “Some days you won’t see a single soul until 3 o’clock and then everyone piles in at once. Other days you can’t move for space.”

The shop library is either used as an antique bookshop, somewhere parents can buy cheap, bedtime stories for their children or simply for people to meet their friends.

“our little heaven is now other people’s havens”


The relaxed atmosphere allows the bookshop to be seen as a personal library for many customers which has seen them grow rapidly in such a short space of time.

Laura, says how the whole family is surprised at the success it’s seen and that they’re happy that their “little heaven is now other people’s havens.”

They also opened an Air BnB and bookshop crossover, where people can stay and run their very own bookshop.

The Barrister’s Book Clerk Air B’n’B in Retford.

But their adventure doesn’t stop there as the owners are set to open another bookshop in Retford that specialises in the murder and crime genre.

The shop will include both true crime and non-fiction, while also stocking big name, modern crime fictions making it the perfect place for any crime and thriller fans.

It is set to open in March.