More than 15,000 exhibits will be on display when Wollaton Hall’s natural history museum is upgraded as part of a three-year redevelopment of the Nottinghamshire tourist attraction.

The walled and formal gardens will be restored during the redevelopment which will mark a significant step forward for this iconic Nottingham landmark and important East Midlands leisure and tourist destination.

Funds and grants are currently being sought and secured for the extensive project, with £1.3 million needed to upgrade the gallery and natural history museum.

Over £95,000 has already been secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Wollaton Hall has been home to the city’s Natural History Museum since 1926 and holds a collection ranging from fossils, minerals, plants and eggs.

“The Gallery space will grow from 320 to over 700 square feet”

Rachael Evans, Museums Development Manager

More funders are to be announced soon as the first stage of the redevelopment is expected to be completed by April 2020.

The first stage of renovations will include a new experience of smart, interactive exhibits.

Museums development manager Rachael Evans said: “Gallery space will grow from 320 to over 700 square feet and this will increase the number of objects exhibited from 1,500 to 15,000, allowing far more access to our collection.”

The Dinosaurs of China visiting exhibition in 2017 saw 130,000 tourists visit Wollaton Hall over a 16-week period.

The exhibition boosted tourism by more than £24 million in 2017.