Animal rights protesters were outside Flannels, a high-end clothing store in Nottingham, to protest against the sale of clothing that uses fur.

Fur farming was made illegal in the UK in 2000, however the law does not prohibit importing fur products from overseas or selling such products.

According to the protesters, Flannels sell products that include items which include fur from coyotes, raccoons, rabbits and foxes.

Sam, a coordinator for Anonymous for the Voiceless said: “Most people simply aren’t aware that a lot of the fur that’s being used in the UK is animal fur.

“We’ve had such good quality faux fur for such a long time now that the majority of consumers are assuming animal fur wouldn’t be sold in this country.”

Protesters from Nottingham and Derby animal rights set up a table for shoppers to get more information about fur trading.

They also had a petition for people to sign for Flannels to end their fur trade and were advising shoppers on how to distinguish between faux fur and real fur.

Flannels were asked to comment but refused.