Tramlink have reported £18 million losses in the last financial year.

The company who owns the trams in Nottingham have announced that they have made a loss of £18 million in the last year.

The latest report by Tramlink is casting doubt over the future of the tram service as a business even though the company have a 22-year contract with Nottingham City Council.

The figures come despite Tramlink stating an increase of 1.4 million passengers using the trams.

“The number of passengers is increasing and it’s a key part of Nottingham’s transport”
David Thornhill, Chair of Nottinghamshire Campaign For Better Transport

However, even though the latest figures show a loss for the company, officials remain happy with the increase of passengers using the trams and a reported £900,000 increase in turnover in the last year.

David Thornhill, Chair of Nottinghamshire campaign for better transport said: “The financial figures do look unsettling although I don’t believe that’s the full picture because the number of passengers is increasing and its a key part of Nottingham’s transport”.

He added: “I don’t think there is any possibility of it closing no matter what the financial picture appears to be”.

There may be an increase in people using the trams but are people paying for a ticket, we asked the public if they have ever tram hopped.


The tram service opened in 2004 and there is potential that the tram service could expand in Clifton in the near future.

The tram service consists of two lines, Line one is between Chilwell and Hucknall and line two is between Toton and Stapleford.

The tram line is 20 miles long in total.

Nottingham Actress Vicky McClure has a tram named after her.