Jack Whelbourne, 27, works for social enterprise Double T.

The former Olympic speed-skater, who retired two years ago, now works alongside young, unemployed volunteers in restoration projects across Sherwood, Carrington and Mapperley.

An ex British speed-skating champion, who competed for Team GB at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (2010) and Sochi (2014)

Jack Whelbourne, 27, from Aspley is now working for a local property management company, which offers work experience to people who are young and unemployed.

After retiring in 2017, Jack struggled to get a job that he was settled with – but is now using his Olympic knowledge to help young people gain valuable experience.

Jack said that “For myself, it’s a new challenge, I’ve always been interested in property development. I want that progression within my career”


“I want there to be more tradesmen that we deal with, which will support more unemployed people to get out there. The more impact we have on individuals… that’s the main goal.”

In October 2018, he started working as a joiner for Double T in Carrington and has since progressed within the company.

“Jack’s still very young and is a great role model for the young people we’re supporting”
Hamish Elliot, Co-Founder of Double T 

Double T are a “profit-with purpose” business which aims to achieve social impact through their business.

Jack started as a joiner, but now focuses on helping young people make a contribution to society.

Jack conducting a restoration project for Double T

“We need to challenge them, sometimes we need to support them, that’s the difference”

“We’re working to help people change their mindset little by little, to eventually progress them back into work. It’s all about having that professional and individual life as a person.”

Hamish Elliott, Co-Founder of Double T, Carrington

Double T was created in 2014 by Hamish and Annabel Elliott. The company focuses on property development and home improvements.

They reinvest their profits into an employability program – which helps develop skills and to learn from other professionals.

Hamish said: “We run things differently here, our focus is not exclusively on making profit”

“What we aim to do is create social impact from our business”

“We provide property development  management service, reinvest all profit we make and put it towards a project that we run to engage and support young, unemployed people to start work.”

The company is using Jack’s previous experience from being an athlete and inspiring young people to provide a positive social impact.

Annabel Elliott, said that jack “lives the attitude he spoke about” and that “being an Olympian gives him that resilience.”

Annabel Elliott providing advice on structure a volunteers C.V

“He’s still very young and a great role model for the young people we’re supporting.”

“He’s great for growing businesses like ours to have someone within our team. Not only is he a very talented joiner, but he’s a good leader and provides a supporting role.”

“It’s all about recognising employability skills on a project, rather than a classroom.”

Double T’s aims:

Reduce youth unemployment.
Challenge youth perspectives towards unemployment.
Challenge commercial perspectives towards unemployment.
Create self-sustaining, confident individuals with a positive attitude about the future.
Encourage social cohesion among young people who are disengaged from society.

Double T currently in Sherwood, Mapperley and Carrington, with further plans to expand across the city.

If you’re interested in applying for work experience, please visit http://www.dtdltd.co.uk/home.html