Health experts and East Midlands parents have been weighing in.

A new national campaign to encourage children to cut down on carbonated drinks is gaining traction.

Fizz Free February by Sugar Smart UK, is endorsed by Public Health England.

Public Health East Midlands Laura Spowage warns the drinks can lead to childhood obesity.

“With the amount of sugar, fizzy drinks are bad of us because if we drink too much of them it increases our risk of becoming overweight.

We know in the East Midlands that 34% of children by Year 6 are overweight or obese.”

The Health Wellbeing and Programme Manager added, “Our advice would be to go on the Changeforlife website and make informed sugar swaps.”

“They are extremely acidic. They erode the enamel of the teeth  DR. MICHAEL ARMSTRONG, DENTIST 

It is hoped the idea of cutting down on fizzy drinks in February will appear on the public health agenda with Stoptober and Dry January.

“You can’t blame the parents when the advertising budget for coke is 4 billion pounds, that’s what we’re up against.

The Chair of the British Dental Association added, it is not just sugar in the drinks that is the problem.

“They are extremely acidic. They erode the enamel of the teeth to the point where sensitivity occurs and frequent restorations are required.

The campaign has gone national this year, following a successful trial by Southwark Council.

Mary Golden from Leicestershire said “If there’s a fizzy drink before they brush their teeth, what’s the harm in that”.

Mike Monaghan added, “I’d prefer if my children have a low-sugar alternative like water, milk, or a soft cordial as opposed to fizzy drinks”.

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