Many people will be out enjoying themselves tonight.

It’s the 1st of February and with that comes the end of Dry January which means many people will be out celebrating tonight. We ask what the best hangover cure is.

Many people do Dry January for a number of reasons – to help recover from a heavy Christmas period, for a bit of time off the alcohol and to help save money.

Undoubtedly tonight will be busy for many of the cities pubs and bars but how will the punters be coping with their hangovers tomorrow morning?

The NHS have a page specifically for hangover cures which you can find here. On the page they suggest:

  • Not drinking more than your body can cope with
  • Not drinking on an empty stomach
  • Avoid ‘hair of the dog’ – where you drink again the next morning due to it delaying the symptoms of a hangover
  • Sugary foods

“Bacon Butty, lot’s of water, ibruprofen and if that doesn’t work coke”
Our Head Editor Gail Mellors’ has her hangover cure sorted.

We asked the office what their go to hangover cure is.

Banana Milkshake

“It neutralises the acid left in your stomach” – Milk re-hydrates the digestive system, with Banana being rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium.


“The key is to rehydrate your body” – Looks like someone has been doing their research! The more water you drink the more fluids you’re replacing on your body. Despite alcohol being a liquid, it actually dehydrates your body.

Fry Up

“It soaks up all the alcohol and fills you up ready for the day ahead” – The carbs in Britain’s most loved breakfast helps to restore sugar levels. It also helps restore vitamins and mineral’s which you’ve lost the night before.