Amber Peat (Family photo)

The inquest into the death of 13-year-old Amber Peat has heard from child services, who were supporting Amber’s family prior to her death.

Amber Peat had been referred to MAT, the multi agency team, otherwise known as child services, by her GP.

The doctor had raised concerns over Amber’s behaviour after she tried to run away from home a number of times.

Amber’s body was found hanged three days after she went missing from her family home in May 2015. She ran away from the property in Mansfield, Nottingham following an argument with her mum over chores. Police were called eight hours after she went missing.

The manager of MAT told the hearing that an early help assessment was not carried out due to issues with family engagement. However, it was later discovered that the offer of assessment had not been made to the family.

Amber’s mother had a history of depression and her father also experienced mental health problems, which the agency were aware of.

When concerns were eventually raised the agency said it had “run out of time to do anything substantial” as the family were moving to Nottinghamshire.

The hearing heard that the threshold “simply hadn’t been met” for greater intervention and the files could not be transferred over without the family’s permission, due to data protection issues.

The coroner heard that Amber had been receiving one-to-one treatment with MAT.

A MAT representative told the court that when Amber was questioned about an incident between herself and a younger sibling, she said she wasn’t allowed to say anything.

She said she was following instructions from her parents who she said told her that “what goes on in this house, stays in this house”.

MAT said there were no follow up interviews with either parent to get their account.

It was also revealed at the inquest that Amber ran away to her school one night following a family argument. When her parents were contacted by one of Amber’s teachers, they said they were worried about Amber but were unable to collect her as the family dog was in labour.

The inquest continues.