One in four admit that they would like to spend more time unplugged, without their connected devices (26%, up from 22% last year). 


Children are increasingly feeling lonely, despite being the most digitally connected generation ever.

The Childwise study says that two in five children feel lonely, worried or anxious, because they’re fearful of being criticised online.

They found that using social media and YouTube excessively prevents face-to-face interaction.

Online personalities say that they’re aware of the problem but the study does not assess the eventual impact of growing up in the digital age on young adults.

Niran Yesufu, 21, from Nottingham says people have told him “watching my videos has helped with their lives, at least as a distraction”.

Known as FNG on YouTube, he has managed to turn his online profile into money by earning a contract with Veloce e-Sports.

The survey found 59% of 5-16 year olds use YouTube every day.

Billy Barringer thinks living a digital life isn’t all bad. Source: Countdown Bleck, YouTube

Billy Barringer, 20, says leading a life on the web has led to successes in real life.

“I live in a pretty rural area, so its hard for me to see my friends all the time but having a community of online friends and having that creative outlet helps me.

“Where’s the survey in that?”, Mr. Barringer added.