Contraceptive Pills

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Care says their research shows that there are no health benefits from taking a seven day break from the pill.

Women can now have the choice of safely taking fewer or no days off from taking their contraceptive pills.

Many women are prescribed the combined hormone contraception for a duration of three months but now a one year prescription will be available soon in the U.K.

Scientists hope that the new guidelines will stop more unwanted pregnancies.

it’s safe to take the combined contraceptive pill every day instead of tri – cycling

Harvinder Singh – pharmacist


The combined contraception pill was introduced 60 years ago. However, the hormones in one pill equates to seven pills today.

The seven day break was put in place for women to take a break from the hormones.

The break, known as ‘Pope Rule’, was set in order for the contraceptive pill to fit into Catholic beliefs on contraception.

Contraception user Simran Bhatti says she will continue to take her seven day break.

Even with the new results of the FSRH report the health risks that come with taking the pill still exist.

  • intermenstrual spotting
  • nausea
  • breast tenderness
  • headaches and migraines
  • mood changes
  • missed periods
  • decreased libido
  • vaginal discharge
  • changes to eyesight for those using contact lenses

source: Medical News Today

If used properly the pill is proven to be 99.9% effective for users.