More than 18,000 people were injured from cycling on the road in the UK

A health watchdog is urging the government to create more routes for cyclists after it was revealed that 18,000 people were involved in cycling accidents in 2018.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence wants cyclists to get priority in 2019 through investments in bike-friendly streets. It believes this will encourage more people to choose cycling over driving, cutting down on their carbon footprint.

Calum McKay from Nottingham shared his story about a lucky escape from a dangerous accident:

“As a healthier Nation, we become a more productive nation.”

Liam Dudley, Creation Cycles store manager

Liam Dudley, the store manager of Creations Cycle, also agrees that more should be done in order to see a rise in people cycling. Liam believes, “as a healthier nation, we become a more productive nation” and said “cycling is a great way to help with mental health”.

In store view of Creation Cycles, Nottingham.

The store manager strongly believes more must be done to encourage people to pick up their bikes and make Nottingham as cycle friendly as London. He believes investments should tackle cycle lane maintenance; alongside education over cycle safety for both cyclists and drivers.

The need for action is highlighted further from a report showing that cyclists are the second most vulnerable when out on the roads. As a result of this statistic, UK cities are being asked to plan travel routes around cyclists and pedestrians.

Nottingham City Council is continuing its Cycle Action plan to improve conditions for cyclists and encourage more of the population to cycle around Nottingham. It plans to invest more in cycle infrastructure with more cycle lanes and more secure areas to leave bicycles.

Cycling statistics, according to surveys from 2018:

  • Less than 20% of the adult population cycle once a week
  • 59% agree that cycling on the roads is too dangerous
  • 80% of people want to see improved safety for cyclists
  • 35% of people cycle on the roads over pavements and off-road routes

More details on cycling safety can be found at the Sustrans website.