The site on 68 Mansfield Rd will enter its final chapter on February 2nd.

A shop owner is claiming his business is having to close because of Brexit.

Nottingham’s Mondo Comico, on Mansfield Road, has been open for nine years, but will shut in February.

Owner David Smith said Brexit was an influence in the decision to close.

“Prices went up and up since the vote, and lots of people are worried about the future and how its going to affect them,” he said.

“Comics are a luxury item, and as much good comics can do – they aren’t cheap.”

The owner is looking to re-locate to between London or Cambridge.

He said: “Part of what I do is I’m going to recommend things. I’m going to tell them, its not just reading a review on Amazon.

“And I think that personal touch is where the independent shops can also flourish in the way bigger ones can’t.”

The closure now means there are three comic book stores in the Nottingham City Area.