People in Nottingham are at a high risk of losing their eyesight due to unhealthy lifestyle choices, a new health map created by Eye Health UK shows.

There are a million people living with avoidable sight-loss in the UK and it is predicted that this figure could rise by a third by 2030.

Obesity, smoking and not getting your eyes checked regularly by an optician are the most common causes of sight-loss, and experts advise that it is important that we take our eye health seriously.

Indy Atwal, Optician at Loxley Opticians.

Indy Atwal, an optician from Loxley Opticians, says that everyone should get their eyes checked by an optician every two years, regardless of the fact whether they need glasses or not.

“[An eye test] is almost like an MOT for your health.”

He says that an eye test is more than just for the purchase of glasses, “it’s almost like an MOT for your health.”

Mr Atwal says that “being overweight is bad generally for your health.”

He said; “If you’ve got high blood pressure, you’ve got high sugar levels, then you’re more likely to have complications at the back of the eye.

Indy Atwal, with a patient.

“There are many conditions that can be picked up at the back of the eye; I’ve picked up brain tumours through an eye test, I’ve picked up eye cancers as well.”

“Around sixty percent of sightloss is avoidable.”

Julie Scarle, who works for the My Sight Notts charity, says that ‘around sixty percent of sightloss is avoidable.’

Julie Scarle, My Sight Notts.

She’s lived with sight-loss all her life, and has warned others ‘please don’t take a risk with your eyes, it’s a very challenging condition to live with.’

“Just for the sake of a thirty minute test, get your eyes tested, don’t take the risk,” she added.

Eye Health UK created an online calculator where you can check how your lifestyle affects your eyes.