Nottingham companies are including combat sport classes in the working day to try and tackle mental health in the workplace.

A recent study – produced by MIND – has found 1 in 6 people to experience mental health problems in the workplace. The charity have urged bosses to take care of their staff after research found that 21% of sick days are due to stress.

Nottingham fitness companies, such as HIITBOXX Nottingham, are turning to combat sports as a solution to reducing stress in office environments. They have launched boxing-inspired classes for employees to punch out their working worries.

“it helps self-esteem and confidence”

Rakesh Sondhi, HIITBOXX Coach

Leader of the sport programme – Rakesh Sondhi – believes combat sports are the “best type of sport” for hitting back at mental health.

He set up classes to target mainly office workplaces and said: “Boxing gives people that drive. It helps self-esteem and confidence in the workplace”.

HITTBOXX coach, Rakesh Sondhi describes the benefits of boxing:


“This Girl Can” boxing class, Strelley Nottingham

Another fitness group – set up by This Girl Can, Nottingham – is also using combat sport classes (aimed at women only) to punch out their work stresses.

“A new way to take out stress”

CLair Byrne, This girl can fitness coach

Clair Byrne, fitness coach, said: “we’re here to help women and give them a new way to take out stress.”

The programme has seen great feedback with members saying they are feeling “happier and healthier” after every class.

Clair believes boxing can be a great way to clear your head from the hectic demands of work.


UK’s solutions to mental health in the workplace

Sport England (the public body for promoting sport) have worked alongside MIND to encourage employees suffering depression and anxiety to join gyms and mainstream sport clubs.

They believe participation in sport classes have great value with their research showing “exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants”.

Sport England have invested £8.2 million into mental health projects across the country.

For more information and support about mental health, click here.