AGE UK 'No one should have no one to turn to' campaign 'Photography by Olly Burn.

 Charities are appealing for help, not just for Christmas but for all year round. Christmas is a time where people feel most generous and also a time people feel the most lonely and vulnerable.

Volunteers and charities are getting ready for the time of year which can be sad time for some. Homelessness, loneliness and debt are not just tied to the festive period.

Charites are asking volunteers old and young for there help all year round.


Judith Keegan, Age UK’s Volunteering Manager for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, said: ”Christmas is the time of year which we have the most volunteering enquires”.

”No other charities I’ve spoken too ever have enough volunteers, they always ask ‘where are you recruiting from?”


Age UK is the UK’s largest charity for older people. Age UK, tackles heavy issues for the elderly such as money and debt, loneliness and care and support.

The services volunteers would have to do is, help the elderly at home, handyman services and supporting at events and activities.

”More people should volunteer because it is so rewarding”

Rebecca Laithwaite, age uk volunteer

Rebecca Laithwaite was a Volunteer for Age UK in Nottingham for the past 5 years. She said: ”My role volunteering was to sit with the elderly for a few hours and have a friendly chat and cup of tea”.

”More people should volunteer because it is so rewarding and you get to her such amazing life stories from these inspirational people. Some of these people have nobody and it’s nice to make a difference and be important to someone in need”.

Rebecca Laithwaite

Other than Age UK, there are plenty other charities needing volunteers this Christmas and also for the rest of the year in Nottingham, such as Barnardo’s, The Samaritans and many more.