A pocket full of change is slowly becoming a thing of the past, so the charity Big Issue is trailing contactless card machines on their Nottingham street vendors.

Do you have change for a ‘tenner’? Didn’t think so.

According to Princeton Survey Research Associates International One in 10 people don’t carry paper money. This is affecting smaller businesses as most don’t take cards including street vendors.


The charity Big Issue works with rough sleepers and people with money issues by providing the opportunity to earn a legitimate income through selling a magazine to the public.

Up until three days ago the magazine could only be bought with cash, today you have the option to tap your card on a contactless card reader.


Video: Stephen Southall talks about the new card machines.

When talking about the new contactless card readers Stephen Southall, the regional team leader at Big Issue said “Times have changed now, less people carry more money on them and its a way of getting street vendors the money they deserve”

Big Issue is hoping that the new card readers will increase the number of sales as people that don’t usually carry change will now be able to buy the magazine.

The contactless card readers were donated to the charity by the developers, iZettle, that hope the machines will help the vendors.

Image: The card machine being trailed.

Stephen Southall said “We believe that it will sell more magazines to people that don’t have cash on them.”

The trial is taking place in five other UK cities including London and Birmingham and if successful vendors with card machines will be a more common sight.

5 reasons to go cash-less

1.Trackable. View your statement and see exactly where and when your money was spent.

2.Safer. Cards are a lot smaller and therefor safer to carry than a wallet. Pick pocketers, not today!

3.Faster. Contactless. Done.

4.Access. Having your card with you means having constant access to money. Very handy in emergencies.

5.Easier. No longer worry about trying to find change at the bottom of your bag. With a card its all in one place.