The festive period is a busier time than usual for Nottinghamshire police as they work closely with bars and clubs to spot the signs of drinks being spiked.

Nottinghamshire police and venues such as Rock city want to keep people safe during Christmas and New Year. Staff will get vulnerability training to identify early signs of drinks being spiked.

”we use the call Anglia campaign”

Inspector arnie ahemed, Nottingham police

Inspector Arnie Ahmed for Nottingham police reassured the public saying: ”I don’t think we have a problem with drink spiking, what often happens is people get so drunk they can’t remember what they have done”.

”We use the call Anglia campaign so if a victim is getting harassed or don’t feel well they can go to the bar and say ‘call Anglia’ which is a code for ‘I am in trouble and need help’ and staff will intervene”.

The signs of drink spiking

Nausea or vomiting
Loss of ability to communicate properly
Poor coordination
Unconsciousness signs of drink spiking

Drink spiking is illegal in the UK and the maximum sentence is ten years in prison.

If you feel like your drink or you know someone’s drink has been spiked then make sure you alert a member of staff.