Claire Tomlinson

A Nottingham woman who survived breast cancer has now set up a charity in an aim to raise awareness about the disease.

Claire Tomlinson, 44, from Hucknall, was diagnosed with cancer in May 2017 and had to go through; mastectomy, lymph node removal, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

After finding out that she was cancer free, the mother of two started the charity to support women suffering with breast cancer and to raise awareness about the disease.


“IT Made me want to raise awareness to women”

Claire Tomlinson 


Claire said that having cancer ”made me a better person and made me want to raise awareness to women”.

She added that she “appreciates life more and the people around her making sure that she appreciates everything”.


The charity (Bosom Buddies Project) donates all its proceeds to The Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre.


Claire three weeks before diagnosis

Most of the money that the charity makes comes from the cancer awareness bags sold by the charity.

The bags are made from cotton and have printed on them messages of support for women with breast cancer, as well as having messages reminding women to check their breasts for any lumps or anything unusual around the breast.

Before starting the Bosom Buddies charity, Claire documented publicly on her Instagram, Facebbook and Twitter her journey of treatment and recovery.


  • If you notice any unusual lumps around around your breast go immediately got to your GP
  • Spotting cancer early can save your life
  • Women should do a general check around their Breast for lumps once a month



For more information on The Bosom Buddies Project follow the charity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @bosombudproject