CBJ News caught up with one of sports biggest jewellers to hear about his career selling high-end watches to A-listers.

Matthew J. Jones, 30, delivers lavish timepieces to VIP clients around the world from his warehouse in Nottingham and believes the business is ready to take on America.

MJJ Exclusive, set up in 2012, has gone from strength-to-strength since its first deal with former Norwich striker, Grant Holt.

However, it was in the school playground where he established himself as a salesman – selling confectionary in the lunch hall.

“What I love about MJJ Exclusive is that it’s still young, we have so much more we want to achieve.”

Matthew J. Jones, Founder MJJ Exclusive

“I worked my way up, and I’ve always hustled. I started from the bottom by selling snacks in school,” Jones recalls.”I then left when I was 16 to chase this dream.

“Six years down the line and we’re turning over £8,000,000 a year. And I believe it’s worked so well because of the team I have around me, and we’re so different to anyone else.”

Now, the likes of Sergio Ramos, Gabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino, Alvaro Morata, Ederson, Dele Alli, Raheem Sterling and Luka Modric are all part of the MJJ Exclusive movement.

CBJ News also discovered that some players are spending up to £400,000 on fancy jewellery.

When asked about his relationship with footballers, Jones replied: “They’re just like anoyone else, they’re normal guys, and I find them very easy to deal with.

“We have gained their trust now. It’s vital to deliver the best products and make sure they’re all checked properly because that’s when you secure them as clients and friends.

“What I love about MJJ Exclusive is that it’s still young, we have so much more we want to achieve.

“I believe we’re ready to conquer America next and become a proper brand.”

Jones is from a big footballing family, and connecting with household names has been fairly effortless.

“My dad is Mick Jones, who was at Derby County when Brian Clough was manager and my godfather is Roy McFarland, who played for England and Derby County too.

“So I grew up around football all my life and became friends with a lot of footballers.”


Ranging from customised watches to diamond chains and even gold iPhones, Matthew and his 18-man team deliver bespoke luxury products on a daily basis.